Business scenario 
Medical smart wearable applications are used to collect, track and manage consumers‘ health status, becoming part of people‘s prevention of disease and healthy living. Wearable medical devices, to achieve the collection of health data, such as heart rate, blood glucose, blood pressure, exercise, sleep time, etc., and then the data system of management and the potential value of mining. 
Data acquisition area 
Medical intelligent equipment with dressing SIM card, or to use bluetooth communication cluster by mobile phone APP to upload data to the data collection and data storage to cloud database (RDS), with the increase of amount of data can be used in a distributed relational database service (DRDS), or using open structured data service (OTS), OTS with single table hundreds of TB level data storage delay millisecond level line, speaking, reading and writing ability, very is applicable amount of structured data storage and real-time access. 
The business district 
The user can improve the basic information of the individual through the application, query the health management data collected by the intelligent equipment, and the corresponding health management knowledge. Doctors use their own patients to view health management data and regularly communicate with patients to give health advice. The business data for all user behavior will be placed in the cloud database (RDS). 
Large data analysis area 
Health smart wear collection data, business district management of user data, will be in big data analysis area, through open data processing services (ODPS), provide storage and computing power, the development of various types of analysis model. The analysis of the distribution characteristics of individual health data, user habits and large samples is given.